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The year was 1970, and the search for a church site was difficult. When the building at 243 Perth Avenue was found, it seemed a mixed blessing. It was available; it was affordable; but broken windows, grimy floors and graffiti covered walls made immediate habitation a test of fortitude and determination.


They cleaned, scrubbed and renovated, shivering when the coal furnace didn’t produce enough heat, but managed to create a space that could accommodate an AY program on the last Sabbath of that year. The Perth Avenue Seventh-day Adventist Church officially opened its doors on January 2, 1971.
1971 was a year of growth, with members flooding in, attracted by a variety of outreach ministries. The end of the first year saw an increase in membership to 169, a trend that continued into 1972, with membership growing to 272.
With the aim of serving the members and the community, the church conducted vacation bible schools, offered seminars and cooking classes, and eventually, in 1977, established a school in the church hall. The members were faithful in their financial support of the church, and they were able to become mortgage-free less than eight years after buying the property.

The faith of less than 50 members who bought a church to seat more than 800 was rewarded when membership rose so high that two new congregations were born from Perth Avenue. The Hope SDA church (formerly called Faith SDA) and the Mt. Olive SDA church, both of which were formed in 1990, are testaments of the hard work of a few who understood that working for God meant winning souls for the Kingdom.
Senior Pastors who have served the church include,

Pastor Earl Parchment (1971-1972)
Pastor Rick Bacchus (1972-1978)
Pastor Sherley Greene (1978-1981)
Pastor Orville Parchment (1981-1984)
Pastor Ted McCleary (1984-1987)
Pastor Steve Cassimy (1987-1996)
Pastor Ray Llewellyn (1997-2000)
Pastor Joel Nembhard (2001-2005)
Pastor Theodore Sargeant (2006-2009)
Pastor Nerval Myrie (2010 to present)

Under God’s guidance they, with their respective associates, worked tirelessly to mold, shape and form the masterpiece that has emerged from years of prayers, thanksgiving and praise.