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"Higher than the highest human thought can reach is God's ideal for His children."

-Ellen G. White


The Education department aims to encourage and support our youth and aspiring adults to develop their god-given potential and become productive members of society who will exemplify Christianity to the world around them. We seek to do this through promoting Christian education, providing support for parents with children in elementary and secondary school, student enrichment and recognition, and personal development programs for adults. Whether you are a parent, student or a professional, there is a place for you in this department.

Partner with us in giving or receiving through the various programs that we offer as we empower each other.

Homework Program - Need help in Math, Language or the Sciences? Ask for homework help and our department will match you with one of our volunteer tutors.


Support for Parents - Our congregation is fortunate to have a support team of teachers and support persons who work in the public schools. These individuals are available to assist parents with school related issues.


Awareness Programs - Stay tuned for updates and information about various aspects of the education system, eg; careers, report cards, curriculum documents, individual education plans and special education.

Show and Tell - Your successes can inspire others. Students and parents, share your achievements with us, whether they be high level performance, improvement, an outstanding work sample or an award received. With your permission we will display or announce it to the congregation.

Honouring Our Graduates - Join us in celebrating the accomplishments of our students. Our annual graduation ceremony takes place in July. Graduates from grades 8 and 12, college and university, and adult programs are rewarded for their hard work as we devote an afternoon to honour them.

Sponsorship - We encourage our congregation to collaborate in helping to make Christian education possible for those who desire it. We invite you to partner with us as we invest in the future of our children. Register your commitment to Christian education by engraving your name on our sponsorship plaque. Register now!! - limited space available.


To obtain further information on any of our programs,
please contact our Education Department Leader, Janetta Jarrett.